San Antonio Would Be The House Of Great Painters.

Guayasamin, Botero Kingman and many other significant national and international paintings gathered in one place. It is impossible, for several reasons; one of them because several of the big ones are dead.

However, in San Antonio de Ibarra there is the possibility of grouping them into a project.

It is about that San Antonio is called “The City of Art.”

At present, this parish speaks of cantonization, but for a functional group of residents, this issue is not vital, but to find valid alternatives to get out of the economic crisis in which they are involved.

This topic is recent, but the paper project already exists. “The streets would change their names, for that of famous painters, some of them have foundations and others are alive and could donate works of art or help the street that bears his name.”

It is not about generating controversy with this idea, but rather to raise awareness among San Antonio citizens of the value of having more tourist attractions, “said Jorge Yepez, a well-known local teacher.

Exit the anonymity

“The San Antonio City of Art,” is the end they pursue, as a new idea to generate spaces designed for art and above all, for the town to come out of anonymity, in which although they do not believe it is immersed.

“San Antonio is known only for wooden objects, but there are valuable painters and in some way, being the place an art center par excellence, it is just that renowned artists are those who occupy seats in the streets.

“Certain there are illustrious names that today are the patrons of the streets, it is also true that this does not contribute at all, “said Romulo Vaca, artisan. The project is on the table, and now it remains to know whether it is executed or not; we will have to wait (MC)

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