COSA Music Institute


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COSA MUSIC INSTITUTE is the educational arm of the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio. With your support, COSA Music Institute has the potential of incorporating an entire school offering a wide variety of music related programs. CMI will develop two of these programs in the areas of string chamber orchestra and chamber music ensemble as focus for the summer of 2016.


To continue and expand on the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio’s vision, that which aims to maintain, educate, and cultivate audiences by bringing a new, shared experience of classical music to all backgrounds and aspirations. As an educational branch of COSA, COSA Music Institute is the result of a combined effort that stems from various schools of musical thought in order to provide students with intensive instruction and performance experience through exceptionally talented musicians coming together in an environment whereby music can work as a model for the transformation of lives beginning in San Antonio and its surrounding areas.


CMI’s primary objective is also an extension of the Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio’s vision, which seeks to integrate the various aspects of individual human development into society through the universal language of classical music. CMI envisions an integrative educational experience centered in music with a strong commitment to artistic advancement. Assisting in the total development of students, including those of underserved communities, participation through the CMI music programs will allow for intellectual stimulation as well as continued development of fine motor skills and coordination, in addition to opportunities for aesthetic and spiritual growth. The long-term goals and desired end of our programs are for students to become well-rounded individuals with strong foundations and values centered in the art of music making.